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Fix Hydraulic Floor Jack

fix hydraulic floor jack

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GSF Magellan

GSF Magellan

Harsh Environment Deep Water Jack-up

General Description

Design Friede & Goldman L-780 Mod V
Overall dimensions 228 x 222 x 31 ft.
Legs (3) 496 ft. long triangular
Quarters capacity 111 (UK); 91 (Dutch)
Operating water depth 350 ft. (Central & Northern North Sea, site specific approval at > 300 ft)
Cantilever envelope 58 ft. x 30 ft.
Maximum variable load (drilling) 10,400 kips *

* 328 ft. WD; 100 knot wind; 40 ft. wave; 1.5 knot current

Drilling Equipment

Derrick 161 ft., 40 ft. by 40 ft. Dreco, with a static hook load capacity of 1,600,000 lbs. with sixteen lines
Drawworks National-Oilwell E-3000, 3,000 hp, driven by three GE 752 DC motors, with hydraulic disc brakes and a Baylor 7838 auxiliary electric brake
Rotary table National-Oilwell 49-1/2 in., hydraulic motor driven, non-drilling
Top Drive Varco BJ model TDS-4S with one GE 752 hi-torque DC motor, rated to 50,900 ft.-lbs., complete with an open-loop cooling system, PH-85 pipehandler and dolly retract system.
Pipe handling Varco BJ PHM-3i, 30,000 ft. drill pipe racking capacity, complete with integrated iron roughneck capable of braking connections up to 20 ft. above floor, rated at 100,000 ft.-lbs. makeup torque and 120,000 ft.-lbs. breakout torque
Mud Pumps Three National Oilwell 14-P-200, 1,000 hp triplex pumps, each driven by two GE 752 hi-torque DC traction motors, rated to 7,500 psi with plungers and hi-pressure liners
Solids Control One Sweco gumbo dual shaker, one Sweco gumbo single shaker, and four Thule VSM 100 linear motion shakers

Power Equipment

DC Five Ross Hill SCR units, each rated at 2,500 amps, powering eleven GE 752 DC motors
AC Four Cat 3606 diesel engines, 2,500 hp, driving four Kato 2,280 kva generators

Storage Capacities

Active & Reserve liquid mud 3,250 bbl.
Base oil 876 bbl.
Brine 2,243 bbl.
Bulk Material 17,400 cu. ft.

BOP Equipment

Diverter system Drilquip 500 psi, 47-1/2 in. fixed diverter with three 16 in. discharge lines and three 14 in. hydraulically operated ball valves.
21-1/4 in. system One Hydril type GL 5,000 psi annular preventer, one Hydril 5,000 psi double ram preventer and one Hydril 5,000 psi single ram preventer
13-5/8 in. system One Hydril type GL 10,000 psi annular preventer and two Hydril 15,000 psi double ram preventers

Other Equipment

Cranes Three Sea King SK3500 cranes, with 120 ft. booms, rated for 40.5 s. tons at 25 ft. radius

Special Features

Tender mode Drill floor/substructure can be skidded from cantilever onto an adjacent platform, up to 80 ft. beyond maximum cantilever reach
CTU 600 kip conductor tensioning unit positioned below the cantilever beams, provides tension at any point within the drilling envelope
BOP handling 200 kip bridge crane, with telescoping lifting forks, allows the BOP to be placed anywhere within a three dimensional envelope of the wellhead and handling area

Jack Skellington's Corvette Stingray?

Jack Skellington's Corvette Stingray?

Just in time for Hallowe'en, it sort of looks like Jack Skellington from Tim Burton & Henry Selick's 1993 stop-motion animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas is driving this ghostly white late-C3-generation Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, from circa 1980, but Jack Skellington's head is really just a plush thing dangling from the rear-view mirror.

fix hydraulic floor jack

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