Rubber commercial flooring - How to make a dance floor.

Rubber Commercial Flooring

rubber commercial flooring

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rubber commercial flooring - Shark Tooth

Shark Tooth heavy duty mat - Rubber floor protection mat - black - 3/4 inch thick x 2ft x 3ft

Shark Tooth heavy duty mat - Rubber floor protection mat - black - 3/4 inch thick x 2ft x 3ft

Rubber-Cal's Shark Tooth heavy-duty recycled rubber floor mat is designed for high impact applications and abrasive conditions. Being that this material is made domestically, and of 100% recycled rubber, this mat is both a socially and ecologically responsible product. Recycled rubber is a superior material when trying to reduce noise, contain vibration, and absorb shock from workout equipment and other machinery. At 3/4 inch thick recycled rubber is thick enough to protect most floors from falling parts such as free weights and dumbbell, and machinery such as washers and dryers. Additionally, the 3/4 inch thick rubber provides superior wear life compared to thinner, light-duty matting. One of the biggest concerns commonly associated with rubber matting is the installation. This mat weighs roughly 100lbs and stays down under its own weight, therefore there is no for permanent adhesives. The Shark Tooth is a mat and is recommended for installation in spots rather than as a flooring product. Therefore, the product remains portable, and may be moved or rearranged whenever necessary.

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Abrazo Healthcare Corporate Headquarters - Johnsonite Installation

Abrazo Healthcare Corporate Headquarters - Johnsonite Installation

Project Facts:
Country: USA
City: Phoenix, Arizona
Type of Project: New Construction
Installation Period: 2006
Service Provider: Spectra Contract

Products Installed: Customized Roundel Rubber Tile Textures, Traditional Wall Base, Finishing Accessories
- Johnsonite Commercial Flooring

Defiant Oil & Grease Resistant Rubber Tile

Defiant Oil & Grease Resistant Rubber Tile

Engineered to work most anywhere petroleum products, animal fats and vegetable oils are present.

Defiant meets ASTM specifications D-471 for Oil and Grease Resistance and F-925 for Chemical Resistance to assure you the best protection available.

rubber commercial flooring

rubber commercial flooring

Bungalow Flooring 8-1/2 by 30-Inch Indoor and Outdoor Waterguard Stair Treads, Set of 4, Charcoal

The Bungalow Flooring WaterGuard Stair Treads are as attractive as they are practical. The treads display our versatile, textural Squares pattern and are durable enough to make a good impression for years to come. Individual treads in this set of four measure 8-1/2 by 30-inch in size. WaterGuard stair treads feature a premium 24-ounce fabric face and commercial-grade, non-marking SBR rubber backing The unique ridged construction traps dirt and moisture. Mats are guaranteed against fading, rot, and mildew, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Also available in Medium Brown and Evergreen.

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